• RT7700H Transceiver

• PPS7700 Pre/Post Selector

• UPF7700 Power Supply

• RA1000D Radio Amplifier

Datron’s 7700-Series Strategic HF Communication Systems deliver a wide range of HF solutions, including those requiring up to 10 kW of transmitting power.

Leveraging Datron’s RT7700H JITC-certified software defined radio (SDR) transceiver, 7700-Series systems are highly configurable to support demanding HF requirements now and in the future. Standard modes of operation include 2x ISB, USB, LSB, AM, AME, CW, Data and Digital Voice (MELPe), with optimized bandwidths. Designed and manufactured in the United States, the 7700-Series transceiver’s SDR architecture allows implementation of additional legacy and nextgeneration waveforms. The transceiver is JITC-certified as conforming to MIL-STD-188-141B, including Appendix A for DISA tested interoperability with other Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) radios. The 7700-Series transceiver is IP-addressable and can be operated locally or remotely via Datron’s PC-based Virtual Remote Control Unit (VRCU) application.

7700-Series systems can integrate a full suite of Datron filters, power amplifiers, couplers, and a wide variety of external data (i.e. Link-11 and Link-22) and sovereign-encryption products to provide turnkey systems for single-radio or worldwide HF network implementations. Additionally, Datron’s optional Integrator Support Package allows for easy integration of the RT7700H and other 7700-Series components into third-party HF systems. With Datron’s industry-leading filters, the most demanding cosite interference environments, like those found on Naval ships, can be supported with excellent performance.

Datron’s 7700-Series Strategic HF solutions deliver the continent-spanning communications your critical missions require.

RT7700H Transceiver
• Software Defined Radio (SDR)
• Integrated JITC-Certified ALE Modem
• DSP-IF with Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS)

PPS7700 Pre/Post Selector
• 70 dB rejection @ +/- 10% of frequency
• Flat response (Tx and Rx) over 2-30 MHz
• 26 dB (Rx)/17 dB (Tx) gain (nominal)
• 4 millisecond tune time

UPF7700 Power Supply
• Continuous duty 28 VDC
• Automatic input voltage selection
• Accepts 85-240 VAC, 47-36 Hz input
• Battery backup power switching system

RA1000D Radio Amplifier
• Linear, continuous duty HF amplifier
• Combinable into systems up to 16 kW
• Supports non-Datron transceivers
• Solid state, broadband
• Integrated power supply