• RT7700H Transceiver

• PPS7700 Pre/Post Selector

• UPF7700 Power Supply

• DTX5K (5kW) / DTX10K (10kW)

Datron DTX5K (5kW) and DTX10K (10kW) are Solid State HF Amplifiers designed for use in Maritime, Ground to Air and Ground to Ground long range communications and support for both Voice & Data.

These amplifiers are designed to work with Datron’s RT7700Hh series of HF transmitters and transceivers and are fully comply with MIL-STD-188-141B ALE and MIL-STD-188-110B data.

For fixed frequency applications, and applications that do not require ALE, these amplifiers are available with built-in electro-mechanical antenna tuner units. This gives you the ability to remotely fine tune the antenna to the 5 kW and 10 kW transmitters for optimum performance. typically within 5 seconds. ALE-enabled versions of these amplifiers work in conjunction with broadband antennas and are optimized for use in frequency agile scenarios that meet MIL-STD-188-141B ALE requirements.

When used with the Datron RT7700H, amplifier status and error messages are displayed on the radio’s main screen and/or the DatronLINK-7700 (Virtual Remote Control and HF E-mail software). A separate dedicated software package is available for full remote management and control of the amplifiers.

Both the DTX5K and DTX10K amplifiers are designed for continuous use. In the advent that a power module fails, the amplifier switches into a reduced power mode while alerting the operator.

Each amplifier has smoke and over temperature sensors along with status indicators that report the current operating condition of the amplifier. Both amplifiers are also capable of auto-shutdown if a major failure is detected or if there is a major power failure. In both cases, the amplifiers are placed in bypass mode.

RT7700H Transceiver
• Software Defined Radio (SDR)
• Integrated JITC-Certified ALE Modem
• DSP-IF with Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS)

PPS7700 Pre/Post Selector
• 70 dB rejection @ +/- 10% of frequency
• Flat response (Tx and Rx) over 2-30 MHz
• 26 dB (Rx)/17 dB (Tx) gain (nominal)
• 4 millisecond tune time

UPF7700 Power Supply
• Continuous duty 28 VDC
• Automatic input voltage selection
• Accepts 85-240 VAC, 47-36 Hz input
• Battery backup power switching system