• 15 Channels
• 150-Hz and CTCSS (PL) Squelch
• Keypad/Display
• Two Battery Choices
• Optional Voice Scrambler
• Hi/Mid/Low Power Levels
• Rugged Construction
• Full Range of Accessories
• Easy to Operate
• VOX Mode
• Whisper Mode

Datron's HH7700 is a compact, lightweight and easy to use VHF/FM handheld radio in the 30 to 88 MHz band. Splash proof, rugged and a compact design combined with easy operation out of the box make it ideal for commercial and military LOS (line of sight) communications. With three selectable power outlet levels (500mW, 2W and 5W) it balances range requirements against battery drain for optimal utility in any mission.

The HH7700 is fully programmable from a computer and can be cloned from another radio. Datron offers two battery pack options, a standard capacity battery permitting up to 10 hours of autonomy and a high capacity battery offering up to 18 hours of autonomy.