• 30 to 512 MHz (model dependent)
• 100 programmable memory channels
• Rugged (MIL-STD-810G) immersible to 1 m
• Up to 7.5W Output power in 3 programmable steps
• AM- Ground to Air operation
• Module level Built-In Test (BITE)
• Embedded ECCM, COMSEC AES-256
• GPS Reporting functions
• Spectre Messaging functions
• Companion Data and management software package
• Dual PTT for ease of operation

Datron’s Spectre M® family of radios offer secure communications in ruggedized form-factors, provide a sophisticated feature-set, and utilize a simplified user interface for ease of operator training. The Spectre M family includes two versions: HH3100A, and HH3100M. Both models meet MIL-STD-810G for reliable operation in harsh environments.

30-136 MHz- The HH3100A is designed to satisfy the demanding requirements of today’s sophisticated tactical communications arena. It extends frequency coverage to 136 MHz and adds an AM mode to implement ground-to-air communications.

30-512 MHz- The HH3100M includes all the functions and features in the HH3100V and extends the frequency coverage to 512 MHz.


MT3100 product photo-72.png


• Rugged MIL-STD-810G mount and dock
• Auto-detection of mounting and dismounting of radio
• Built-in BITE with visual LED indicators
• Power, Volume and Dimmer controls
• RS232 (DE-9) and UST (Type A) interfaces
• Input Voltage Range from +9 VDC to +36 VDC
• Radio Battery Charger while in operation
• Spare Battery Charger
• Real "Jerk and Run" (Hot Swap)
• Retransmission capability
• VIC-1 interface option

The MT3100 is a rugged mobile mount and docking station with unique* features that was designed for the HH3100 Series multiband radios.
It operates from any +9 to +36 VDC power source and provides conditioning for the HH3100. It also supports the AM2100 and AM3100

The MT3100 mount provides a dock and charging platform for the HH3100 with its battery along with a charger dock for a second battery.

The MT3100 mount also offers a true “jerk and run” capability that does not require connecting or disconnecting any cable, or having to insert a
battery. This allows the user to transition from vehicular/mobile operation to handheld operation in seconds.

The MT3100 mount supports important features such as “retransmission” and tactical Intercom interfaces.