• 30 to 88 MHz
• 100 programmable memory channels
• Rugged (MIL-STD-810) immersible to 1m
• Up to 5W Output power in 3 programmable steps
• Internal antenna matching unit
• Excellent co-site performance
• Module level Built-In Test (BITE)
• Embedded ECCM, COMSEC & GPS functions
• GPS Reporting functions
• Short Messaging functions

Datron’s Spectre V® radios offer secure communications in ruggedized form-factors, provide a sophisticated feature-set, and utilize a simplified user interface for ease of operator training. The HH2100V is a high performance, competitively priced, tactical handheld radio that features embedded ECCM, COMSEC, and GPS capabilities. It is designed to satisfy the demanding needs of today’s sophisticated tactical communications arena. The HH2100V meets MIL-STD-810 for reliable operation in harsh environments.

The HH2100V addresses today’s most pressing battlefield needs by incorporating a full range of embedded features. Accurate position and time-of-day capability is afforded by the embedded GPS receiver. Full- or partial-band frequency hopping and digital encryption waveforms offer a high level of jamming resistance and security encryption.

As part of the complete line of Spectre V radio solutions, the HH2100V is fully interoperable in all encryption and hopping modes with the companion PRC2100V manpack radio. The HH2100V can be used in a network with the PRC2100V providing base station, vehicle, manpack, or retransmit capability.