AM2100 Tactical Support Amplifier

The AM2100 is a 75W VHF linear RF amplifier designed for use with exciters operating in the 30 to 88 MHz frequency band to form high-power VHF systems. The AM2100 is shock resistant and moisture proof per MIL-STD-810 and ideal for mobile or base station systems.

The amplifier interfaces seamlessly with Datron’s Spectre V® series (PRC2100V, PRC2150) of VHF transceivers and MT2100 mobile power adapter and also can be used with any VHF transmitter having an appropriate power output and compatible DC power and control interface.



  • 30 to 87.975 MHz
  • Continuous duty operation, voice/data
  • +24VDC operation
  • Full antenna VSWR protection
  • Over-drive protection
  • Compact, lightweight