Rugged Tactical Notebook Computer

The DT9400 is a rugged, lightweight notebook computer that offers the processing power, video display and accessories to meet the demanding requirements encountered in unforgiving environments. It is the ideal solution for the military, police, industrial, and other mission-critical field applications. In addition to its application as a standalone computer, the DT9400 provides an invaluable compliment to Datron’s radio products as a programmer radio in administrative situations, a radio controller in network applications, and a message terminal for data transmission. The DT9400 is also available with the DT110 high-speed HF modem embedded.



  • Pentium® class CPU with expandable RAM
  • MIL-STD-810F Environment
  • Ultra bright LCD Display
  • Windows® XP Professional
  • Two PCMCIA slots
  • Sealed Expansion unit (optional)
  • AC, DC or internal battery operation
  • Removable HDD, FDD and optional CD-ROM