DatronLINK-2 is Datron’s next generation HF E-Mail and messaging application designed to automate message and file transfers over radio links, as well as to provide an E-mail gateway between the HF radio network (WAN) and the Intranet/Internet (LAN).

With DatronLINK-2, the user can exchange E-mail, faxes, files, and keyboard chat messages. In addition, DatronLINK-2 fully manages the attached radio sub-system including core radio and ALE functions. The application can be used for HF ALE network management, data transmission, message store and forward, chat mode, parallel broadcast modes, and other networking applications.



  • Integrated Radio and HF Network Control
  • POP3/SMTP & Text Messaging Software
  • Intranet/Internet, LAN connectivity
  • Supports MIL-STD-110A/B HF MODEM up to 19.2 kbps (ISB)
  • Step-Up/Step-Down Auto-Adaptive Data Protocol
  • Multiple Network Applications - Chat, Relay, Link Recovery Modes
  • Tactical Mode – Manual Override and Control of Messaging
  • Parallel Broadcast Modes
  • Support in "Fixed Frequency" and ALE Modes
  • Support for "Radio Voice Mode"